The Grumpy Plumber

PLEASE NOTE: The Grumpy Plumber session are not live you can log in and view the recordings on the following day.

22 June
20 July
17 August
14 September
12 October
9 November
7 December

Introducing The Grumpy Plumber – Brought to you by IOPSA, the show where no dodgy plumbing job is safe from Steve Brown’s sharp tongue and keen eye for detail. Steve, a plumber by trade and operations manager for IOPSA, brings the plumbing wall of shame to life in this 30-minute pre-recorded video series.

If you thought plumbing was a dull subject, think again! The Grumpy Plumber will have you laughing out loud as Steve takes you on a journey through some of the worst plumbing jobs he has ever seen. Get ready for a wild ride as Steve talks frankly about non-compliant plumbing installations, showing you where they went wrong and how to fix them.

With his quick wit and no-nonsense attitude, Steve will have you on the edge of your seat as he exposes some of the most outrageous plumbing fails you’ve ever seen. From clogged pipes to leaky taps, nothing is off-limits for this plumbing superhero.

But be warned, The Grumpy Plumber is not for the faint-hearted! Steve doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his frustration with shoddy workmanship. Expect some strong language and some serious eye-rolling as he takes you through the trials and tribulations of fixing other people’s plumbing disasters.

So grab a drink and settle in for some side-splitting entertainment with The Grumpy Plumber – Brought to you by IOPSA. Whether you’re a seasoned plumber or just a fan of great comedy, this show is sure to have you hooked from the very first episode!