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Herman has over 25 years experience in Standards and Compliance, with 15 years dedicated to Plumbing Standards.  In addition, Herman’s experience includes approximately 23 years in the testing environment.  His combination of experience, knowledge, skill and competence, enables Herman to deliver powerful and valuable courses. 



Once you have purchased the course, you will have access to the course content. You may progress through the course by selecting the first module at the bottom of this page.

This course consists of four modules and one assessments. The assessments will become available after the completion of all four modules.

You may complete each module at your own pace.  Once you have completed a module the next module will become available. You can only move onto the next module once you have fully completed the previous module.

On completion of the modules and passing of assessments, your certificate of completion will be issued automatically from the e-learning system. You will need to log your own CPD points as well as submit your certificate of completion on the Audit IT system yourself.

Articulate-IT: How to avoid Endangering your Customers

Course Description:

In these sessions, you will be acquiring knowledge with regards to the pitfalls of plumbing installations that may risk the health and safety of your customer.

The content will examine various plumbing dangers that could occur.

We aim to present plumbers with a wider understanding of the effects on customers, how customers experience the effects and scenarios that could cause fatalities.

Course Modules:

  • Legionairs Disease Scalding
  • Geyser Explosions
  • Drain Emissions PIRB


  • These sessions attract PIRB Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.
  • Six (6) CPD points willbe allocated on the completion of all four (4) modules and assessments.